Todd Jones was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and is currently based in Ohio. As an experimental artist, Todd explores the boundaries between contemporary painting and sculpture.

"I am creating a visual language with wasteful commodities that allows for social critique that raises provocative questions of our consumer society. I am looking at our history and practices through our use of house paint and other construction-based materials. Through my sourcing of mistints and discarded house paint, I bring attention to these paints and other materials as they are manifestations of culture and carriers of invisible memory.

I am influenced by mistint house paint representing consumer culture and reflects our lifestyles, advertising, and consumerism. Mistint house paints are found orphaned in hardware stores, unused, or returned by customers not satisfied with the finished product. These paints are left behind and sold at a lower price. For me, these mistints and leftover paints represent a consumer's hopes and dreams. One buys house paint to decorate quarters in their home to add desirability, enhance a home's sophistication, or create comfort in one's limited space. 

Process plays a central role in my work by paint being salvaged and molded into newfound forms while holding residue of its previous life. I produce series of paintings and sculptural forms that allude to the process of sedimentation and excavation. Through material transformations, I reformulate the paints into a visual record of history by pouring layers to create strata-like forms. Each layer of paint is poured and given time to dry in preparation for the next layer. Through the repetitive actions of layering and carving, I am building and exposing the layers through excavation and examining the layers and their histories. This process of unearthing functions to uncover buried intentions, show the passing of time, and provides cultural information of color."


Todd received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a double major in Studio Art and Psychology from Florida State University. He is currently living and working in Athens, Ohio, and is an MFA candidate in Painting + Drawing and working on a Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts Management at Ohio University. Todd has been an artist-in-residence at Mineral House Media, Studio 209 in Thomasville, Georgia, and attended the Summer Painting and Sculpture Intensive at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has had solo exhibitions at Wild Goose Creative and the City Center Gallery at the Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio.